Our vision

We want to realize this vision by developing technological solution based on most transformative technology of past few decades which is blockchain. We believe that blockchain have potential to revolutionize relationship between companies and their customers. Transparency, openness, inclusion, accountability and security are at the core of this technology. We will leverage blockchain paradigm by developing application, which will register movement of goods thought the supply chain on the blockchain, which is in essence a public ledger of all transactions. Application will record all the relevant information such as identities of the parties involved, as well as the price, date, location, quality and state of the product and any other information, that would be relevant to managing the supply chain and transfer the story behind the product. The public availability of the ledger would make it possible to trace back every product to the very origin of the raw material used. Financial, certification providers, logistics, consultancy, and other service providers can just plug in to the infrustrucute and provide tailor made service on demand. The decentralized structure and the cryptography-based immutable nature of the ledger would make it impossible for any one party to hold ownership of the ledger and manipulate the data.

Our offer

For costumer

We are offering digital tool set, which will help you to proof authenticity and genuinity of the particular products. Additionaly you get detailed product information, about how it is produced, handled or sourced. All information about provinance in the the palm of your hands to make more conscious and ethical purchase decisions in phisical retail spaces or online markeplace enviroments.


For manufacturesrs and brands

We are offering the the platform for bringing transparency and therefore trust for thier customers by opening up all the relevant data about how products are made, their supply chains and logistics. Including every business that comes in contact with a particular product, whould it be row materials, component assembling, delivering parts to the manufacturing.


For companies

For companies interested in transperancy and tracability of supply chain operations and thier cross organizational integration. We are offering new tools which will enhance transparancy, tracebility and effective monitoring capabilities for company's supply chains. Much more reach analitical posiblites for streemlining busness processes and gain compatative advantege on market.

We strive to deliver services that fully meet needs of our customers and provide best experience for them.

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