Factors that you should Consider before investing in ICO

The popularity of ICOs is rising day-by-day. This growth has been going through the last few years as Numerous and various field projects has been trying to raise funds through an ICO. Both the popularity and success of ICOs are intriguing and more and more people are trying to dig deeper in this subject and explore the new opportunities of their financial lives.

State of Ethereum

The Ethereum Token is among most valuables and it’s valuable due of its usability and functionality, there is not much assets, which increased in value like Ethereum, Ethereum is used by giant and successful companies, like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, BP and etc.

State of bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first monetary application on a large scale value transfer and validation platform, deployed in the center of the internet as a public good, available for everyone. Start interaction with Bitcoin network is as simple as having a social network account...

Brief History of Cryptocurrencies

Whenever someone starts talking about cryptocurrencies the first one that comes to mind is Bitcoin. And if you’ve been reading the news, you might have even heard about some other cryptocurrencies which are popping up at a very fast rate. It’s also possible that you’ve heard about a lot of people and businesses that are doing very well because of them.

Transformative Power of Bitcoin

Let’s concentrate our attention on two major stories of recent few decades to gain full vision of events and understand potential of the processes that we are experiencing right now. With this first blog I will try to build baseline for thinking for our readers and introduce step by step different concepts and ideas that this space is inhabited with. I’m hope that it will be very excited journey and sure that together we will see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

How to explain Bitcoin to the Ordinary People?

Bitcoin has been flowing through our minds these last few years. Not a Day goes by without someone mentioning a Bitcoin, whether it’s in an everyday friendly Chat, workspace Conversation or in an Educational Program.

Best ICO projects worth of your attention

2017 was the year when crypto currencies and projects based on blockchain technology flourished.  Coverage of blockchain projects conquered mainstream media, everyone speaks about profitability of cryptocurrencies......

New fork of Bitcoin: Bitcoin gold

25th October of 2017 was important date of crypto world, on this date Bitcoin hard fork has been conducted and new Crypto currency has been appeared, New currency is named as Bitcoin gold and as the developers say new currency should be real challenger of Bitcoin and realisation of Satoshi Nakomoto’s dream.

Introduction to Mining

Many have a misconception that a cryptocurrency and its mining are two different things, after all, mining is not a modern word – people attribute it to getting stuff out of the ground. And there are many similarities too. Like gold, there is a finite amount Bitcoin, and the more you take out, the more difficult and resource intensive it is to find.

BITFORX – Affordable, Trustworthy, User-Friendly

Bitforx is a new cloud mining service provider that offers everyone possibility to participate in Bitcoin mining and earn bitcoins as a reward. Bitcoin mining is a process of securing, clearing and settling of transactions in decentralized and distributed value transfer network.

We strive to deliver services that fully meet needs of our customers and provide best experience for them.

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