Bitforx is a Secure Digital Wallet, as well as Cloud Mining Service provider that offers everyone possibility to participate in Bitcoin mining economy. We as a team firmly believe in the bitcoin as a foundation of innovative space, capable of reshaping real understanding on how currency created, stored and transferred between individuals and businesses.

Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of Bitcoin mining space and give an opportunity to people to access mining operations of the network to generate Bitcoin. We are confident that based on our knowledge and expertise we can prove ourselves to our clients and overall participate in achieving the greater goal, which in building and formation of the stable crypto economy.

For present moment traditional ways of mining needs: on the one hand intensive investment and the other side high level of technical knowledge of mining hardware deployment and maintenance.

Our cloud mining service enables every individual in few simple steps to start bitcoin mining with a minimum investment as well as minimal risk and technical experience.

Our professional technical team with world class experience in development and operation of large scale data centers is assured 99% uptime since launch. High standards of secure guarantees the full safety of your investment.

Considering very complex and unpredictable factors in Bitcoin space and their direct connection with Bitcoin mining process (such as Bitcoin exchange rate, technological and community risks, mining difficulty, etc.), it very hard to determine the number of an individualís earnings. But one thing is for sure that Bitcoin with as an elegant piece of disruptive technology will bring many changes in coming years

Three easy steps to start mining



Registration takes a few minutes. After entering required information in registration field you will be redirected to the user profile of your account, but user profile will only be activated after the following of instructions sent to your registered email.


Buy hashpower

Simply buy as many hashpower as you need. You can start buying hash power with minimum initial investment as low as 0.1 GH/s. Your order will be processed after 3 confirmation of transaction in blockchain it will approximately takes 30 minutes.


Earn bitcoins

After the mining contract purchase order have been finalized, you will start participating in mining process and get earning in Bitcoin proportionally to your owned hashpower. You can track your earnings from the dashboard.

We strive to deliver services that fully meet needs of our customers and provide best experience for them.

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