Our primary focus is to research design and development of services based on blockchain technology. We believe that blockchain technology is pivotal for radical changes in all spheres of activity as it has potential to reshape the way of human interact with each other, to govern themselves and doing business. Together with our partners we are exploring areas within different industries such as finance, banking, supply chain, manufacturing and Internet of things for delivering innovative services and harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology for the greater good of society.

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Blockchain technology offers the new ways for brand transparency. The Core benefit of our solution is to be in leading role creating the culture of conscious consumption by offering transparency through open and accessible information about products and supply chain For existing moment project is in development process, we will be live soon! If you have some questions about the project please leave a massage.
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We are working on different solutions to provide a possibility for our clients to use wide range of services in blockchain space. Currently, our attention is focused on digital infrastructure projects. There is ongoing extensive work for development of cryptocurrency exchange, which will be fully operational in this summer. Additionally we are conducting feasibility research with our Estonian partners from academia on the issue of decentralized Identity solution.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a new type of information technology, based on an immutable, networked database, which is shared and maintained by community. Blockchain have many different dimensions. For individuals it is an open source, borderless, peer to peer value exchange platform and financial service marketplace. For public sector it is a reimagining of public service delivery with more individualized, transparent and efficient manner. For regulators it is a possibility to monitor network in real time for preventing malicious actors. From legal perspective it is a shift from trust model to proof model. From technical perspective It is a multi party computing infrastructure and back end database that openly maintenances shared ledger of all transactions. Blockchain creates automated trust layer on top of the internet and this is radical change in the era of digital revolution we are experiencing now.

We strive to deliver services that fully meet needs of our customers and provide best experience for them.

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